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Kim Tavares a.k.a. the singing Boston police officer, is of Cape Verdean decent and grew up in Massachusetts. Before pursuing a career in music, Tavares served on the Boston police force for approximately 20 years. In her early years, Tavares was a “shy kid” but she knew that she always wanted to be a singer. Tavares then tried out for (and successfully joined) the eighth-grade choir, at Duxbury middle school, where she sang “Favourite Things” from the hit musical “The Sound of Music”.

It has been said that Tavares may be a distant relative of the legendary Tavares family soul group, as Kim is from and grew up in the same neighbourhood but the latter has not yet been confirmed. Tavares spent the 10th grade through to the 12th grade at Midland High. Her first public singing performance was at the Midland class of 1984’s Senior Day where she sang Lionel Ritchie and Diana ross’ hit “Endless Love”. She graduated in 1985. Despite her love for music, Tavares never wanted to pursue music in college. Tavares lived in Midland until 1987 before moving back to Massachusetts. After passing her police academy test, Tavares joined the Boston Police force in 2001. But, her passion for singing never died as she sang at her graduation in 2001 and performed at numerous police events including singing the National Anthem at police functions in Boston and at national conferences in Washington D.C. Tavares also began singing the national anthem and “God Bless America” while in her uniform at the Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots and Boston Celtics games.

She also sang and toured with several top 40 bands in and around New England and was a former member of R&B group “Diverse”; as well as appearing in the 2021, “Memoirs of a Snitch” (now called memories of a black girl). But in 2018, a “Cop Pool Karaoke” video of Tavares and fellow Boston officer Stephen McNulty singing “God Bless America” while in uniform went viral. This led to Tavares being invited to appear on Good Morning America as well as singing the national anthem at numerous local sporting events. Around Christmas 2019, Tavares last sang in Beaver County after she popped into the Bradys Run Grill in Fallston for a karaoke night hosted by DJ Hawk, who's also in law enforcement. Before the release of her demo album, Tavares released the demo singles “Isaiah” (which gives a nod to the early 90s soulful R&B sound). “Isaiah” spent two weeks in the Top 10 of the UK; the 80s inspired single “Movin’”, which peaked at number 8 on the UK Soul Chart; the silky-smooth ballad “Love Me for Me” and “Ugly Soul”.

Then in February 2021, Tavares released her full-length demo album “My Story”. Due to the demand and success of the demo album and after gaining a large fanbase in the UK, Tavares performed at the Back to Love Weekender in Southport, UK in October 2021. The Founder of the Back to Love Weekender Dave Cyrus said, “Kim is a big draw for us alongside a very talented roster of artists and DJs. She’s really caught the imagination and ears of the sophisticated soul music fan online and it will be a very special weekend to see her perform in person.”

Tavares was then spotted by the CEO of Digital Jukebox Music Producer, Rapper and Mogul Mark Anthony in October 2021 and eventually later signed with Digital Jukebox Records/Sony Distribution under her real name. Subsequently, the demo album was pulled by Digital Jukebox from all streaming and sales platforms so that it could be professionally remixed and mastered for re-release in 2022 under her real name Kim Tavares. Kim Tavares has a scheduled new release by Digital Jukebox Records of her original single entitled “Tired – Do You Hear Me” in Early 2022, which has been remixed and remastered for release accompanied with a spectacular music video which will be exclusively released via Sony Music on the VEVO Platform.

“Tired – Do You Hear Me” gives a nod to the 90s slow jam/ R&B sound mixed in with Tavares’ smooth and soulful vocals which effortlessly glides on the track, making a fresh, new and updated sound for the new year. Also scheduled but not yet completely confirmed, are new releases and collaborations with other world class musicians including Dexter Wansel, Loose Ends, Funk Division, Karlos Edwards, Blak Prophetz and the legendary Chubby Tavares from the soul group The Tavares.

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