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I had to say something about this, since it has been about 2 weeks of media blackout of the ‘Windrush’ adults and children being collected, held and forcibly removed, their invitation illegally revoked from England based on lies.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid and other Government officials are now debating, to bring Ms Begum and her baby boy back to England under pressure from groups stating, how she was a victim of being groomed into ‘acting to leave’ everyone and everything behind with two friends; whose whereabouts are as confusing as Shemima Begum’s statement and her incapacity to show any remorse or just being repentant of the emotional damage she has caused.

We all have been here before, the Government carries out high media coverage’s, debating whether or not to allow this young lady back to England and everyone gets distracted from the Windrush Citizens still being held in Detention Centres waiting to be deported, whilst those who have been returned, lives and jobs destroyed have still not been paid, just forgotten; so ironic.

As past debates go, when everything has settled down, Ms Begum will possibly be brought back quietly to England with a new passport and visa issued; paving the way for others and eventually their ‘husbands’ supplying ‘Intel on ISIS, needing a place to lay low. Because it seems returning terrorists and their supporters have more rights than the Windrush Generation ever did and are welcomed back and as British Citizens!

The Windrush Generation came to rebuild England, not to destroy it by any means possible.

Unlike; this young girl, who listened to colourful lies and made a deceptive choice, to leave all freedoms behind with two friends by catching a plane and crossing a boarder to live the dream with ‘ISIS’ so called Islamic State Fighters, even marrying in for their cause.

As a Mother and I believe; I am not an isolated case; being and becoming a Parent you usually put your child above all else, there is no room to become selfish and put yourself first before them in any crises, their safety and well being are paramount for their development.

Ms Begum’s first comment to the waiting Media as ISIS was in retreat; was to tell the world and her Parents that ‘she has already lost two children in the bombings and wants to come back, to give birth to her unborn child in England’, bless the NHS and Benefits system denied to so many more deserving and who actually paid in for years.

This young lady told everyone, she had lost two children in infancy, their deaths are unclear as there is no way of collaborating this and she was heavily pregnant with her third in the closing war of; her embraced ISIS families making a few days before the interview.

I guess, I am trying to point something out; sympathy of sorts, may have been more forthcoming for Shamima, if she had told the world, she would like her ‘child’ to be handed over to her Parents in England to be safe and away from further or future conflicts having suffered such loss.

Giving her child a better chance of life; while she sorted her head out towards redeeming herself in the eyes of everyone, showing motherly love through a ‘selfless act’; a term known as being a Mother.

Instead Shemima uses emotional blackmail on her Parents, Family, Friends and media, which worked brilliantly. To once again, get those who love her, to go begging to the Government and anyone who will listen; for her return to ‘Ole Blighty’.

Should she be allowed to return? Is she showing no remorse and no news on the ‘fate’ of her two friends in detail, who’s Parents also ‘need to know’ the truth after they went with her?

To all those Mothers, who now find themselves without a home or protection of ISIS, you should stay put in Syria, you’ve all drank the coolaid and right now, you will be pretending to listen to normality and be angry at your love ones for not seeing your point of view, we clearly see it will take time for you to adapt into your changing circumstances.

In the meantime, start doing the right thing by supporting and sending the children forward to be looked after by family members, support them being ‘deprogrammed’ and receiving appropriate Counselling. Especially if they are of age; to have been forced to carry a gun, shoot, behead or witnessed the many atrocities they were made to witness?

Unless I am mistaken about a Mothers love, Shamima Begum and others like her should not be allowed back onto English soil, immediately, she made her bed; she is sticking to the ISIS handbook to play on our emotions, maybe out of fear, solidarity or necessity to return home and then do what? Be financially supported by tax payers, on Benefits; in prison or given her ‘own’ home; with the privileges of not being placed in a Detention Centre?

I do agree she may need psychological help, others may say, she cannot be helped because after 4 years, she is now and may always be influenced from a backward Stockholm Syndrome and we all know; this has never ended well for us all.

It is now up to you readers to throw the dice, what do you think; is a Mother’s love a selfless ‘unconditional’ impulse or should Shamima put her own needs first before her Childs?


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