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Since 1984 John Fisher and his IDMC Gospel Choir has been one of the hardest working Gospel outfits singing and spreading the good word of Gospel/Christianity throughout the world using none other than their most powerful tools, their voices. During their 25th Anniversary 'Thank You Tour' We caught up with John Fisher, the man behind the dream and asked him a few questions about his incredible journey.

1. When did it all start for John Fisher and at which church did the congregation first acknowledge his/their talent.
"My musical journey started from the age of 7-8 years old. My father taught me to play guitar, from there I learned to play bass guitar and then moved to drums when I was 12, and the rest is history"

2. How often or times per week do you all practice?
"I try to practice at least twice a week, outside of playing nearly 4 times a week too."

3. Which radio station would you say were the first to discover the choir?
"Choice FM with our great friend Dave P, gave my choir its first radio air play."

4. Your first album was called 'Prove Me' please could you tell us about its inspiration and how the idea came about.
"The choir was my vision of being a part of the UK gospel music sound, but it was very important to be able to capture the live experience. I wasn’t about to do concerts without our own sound, so the first gig of IDMC was a live recording which both introduced us to the world and gave us a product to make our mark."

5. Is it still available, if yes which label was it on and which outlet can it be purchased from?
"It’s not available, but tracks from the original recording are available on the Best of IDMC compilation album, on our shows."

6. Has the choir ever toured the USA, home of Gospel music? If yes how did they receive you? If not do you have any plans to do so?
"We have never toured or been to the USA, and it would be awesome to get there. We have spoken to number of people about 2020 so watch this space."

7. Of all your performances which was the most memorable and why?
"One of my best memories is not what people may think but it was a stripped down performance on a cool October evening in Trafalgar Square, London, supporting an Anti-human trafficking charity, just voices with a couple of acoustic guitarist and hundreds of people smothering the choir, just wanting to hear what we had to share. it was emotional."

8. How would you describe the Gospel scene in the UK, Would you say that it’s growing, if yes why?
"The gospel scene in the UK is very rich. Not only are we growing, with a health crop of new artists, we are recording and putting out new music every month, but we are still a part of the powerful general music scene with pop, R&B and soul artists calling gospel singers and musicians to support them because they want our sound. We just need to build the business side of what we do."

9. Do you write all of the songs you perform? If so who is the main songwriter in the choir or is it a shared contribution?
"I am the main song writer for IDMC. We do a few covers but that is only ever 25% of our show."

10. Please could you tell us what new projects you are working on and where we can people go to experience the full force of the John and the IDMC Gospel Choir?
"We are now working on album number #10 which we aim to have ready by the spring of 2020. we plan to travel more next year throughout Europe subject to the dreaded ‘BREXIT’, but also to the far East as well as the USA!. We are currently on tour which continues through to Christmas ending at the Hideaway for 2 nights of EPIC and I really mean EPIC gospel party celebrating the real meaning of Christmas through song, laughter and just a real feel good evening. Visit our website, check us out, and book a ticket where ever you are in the country, we’ve coming somewhere near you between now and Christmas."

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