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“HMT Empire Windrush”; originally “MV Monte Rosa”, was a passenger liner and cruise ship, launched in Germany 1930s and used as a German Navy Troopship during World War ll captured by the British and renamed. The Empire Windrush; is best remembered today for bringing one of the first large groups of post-war West Indian immigrants to the United Kingdom, carrying 1027 passengers consisting of adults, children and two stowaways on a voyage from Jamaica to London on 22nd June 1948, arriving at Tilbury Docks in Essex”. (HMT means Hired Military Transport (not currently in use)

Transcript of the Empire Windrush Passenger list (BT 26/1237) - 

Others didn’t always have a straight journey from the West Indies as they, first would have to dock at Spain/Italy and then continue being shipped onto England. Our parents, grandparents and great grandparents, came to England as part of the ‘Commonwealth’; between 1945 to 1960’s, when called by their Queen, to assist in rebuilding and making ‘Britain Great Again’, yes way before Trump had is grand scheme of things.

It was hard for all these adults to endure the abuses, violence and at times deaths whilst working for far less than their uneducated white colleagues due to the class system at that time. Yet these; Musicians, Cooks, University Students, Aviators, Farmers, ex-soldiers, Nurses, Doctors, agriculturalist, Shop Keepers, Tea Workers, Train Drivers, Librarians, Secretaries, Book Keepers, Manufactures, Mechanics etc. ‘put up’ with being treated as dumb ‘tree swingers’ and accepted work as Sewage Workers, Street Sweepers, Cleaners the list is endless. Some eventually gained work in Coal Mining, illegal sweat shops, working on the docks without protective clothing, on buses or for the Railways at times loading on an off large parcels and letters by hand in dark, cold, harsh, back braking environments at night to name a few.

These Black proud swarve people of colour, left their beautiful homes to ‘mould invested expensive hovels, they changed into liveable sanctuaries’; they persevered and gained respect, raised themselves up through hard work, tenacity to fight and adapt within their new ‘hostile’ environment, whilst ensuring their children, stayed safe, had a future, respect and a place to call home or so they thought.

England like other developing countries watched a lot of films like ‘Tarzan’ and others that depicted Black People in demeaning or comical roles because of the ‘class system’ that was still in place at these times.
The working class were not informed properly about the ‘new workforce’s’ role within their society, communities and the fact they had been taught to speak the ‘Queen’s English ’better than England’s own poor citizens.

West Indians had been invited to come to Britain, due to a Labour shortage after the Second World War and without hesitation; they boarded the ‘Windrush’ because England needed help and they felt, it was their home to belong.

To be discriminated against was a shock to many, which they had not been prepared for; some returned to the West Indies, but many remained – despite the difficulties they faced.


(Cheap Labour for British Citizenship)


In April 2018; information came back out, informing the general public, if anyone born in the United Kingdom or a British Colony before 1st January 1983.

  • They were free of any ‘immigration controls’ allowing them to either live or work without restrictions to their ‘Citizenship status’.
    The Government then decided to quietly remove a key ‘Clause’ protecting them from the statute books for the ‘Windrush Generations British residency’; allowing them to automatically face deportation within this law.

  • Thousand of vital Landing card documentation, evidence to prove the Windrush Generations legitimate rights of British Citizenship, recording their “historical” arrival dates into the UK; apparently destroyed during a Home Office move in 2010?

  • If this is true, how was; the Home Office still able to locate and identify all the Windrush adults and children that entered the UK before and after 1973 for deportation? Could they still have; the Empire Windrush, Passenger list from UK archives or digital footprints; of the ships passenger list like theTitanic?
    I know for myself as a Black Women; whose parents came over to help rebuild England in the ‘Windrush ‘hostile’ era’; that the scandal that broke in 2017/2018 about the many deported illegally by the UK Governments Immigration Department under Theresa May, then by her predecessor Amber Rudd and now by her successor Ravid Javid (BAME) in February 2019; still came as a complete shock to the system of many British Black Citizens.

  • The Home Office’s, excuse was that, the above ‘Clause’ was not included in the
    2014 Immigration Act because ‘adequate’ protection of the Windrush Citizens rights, especially for those who were at the start given ‘temporary rights’ to remain and work to rebuild England and decided to stay in the UK was already in place.

It suddenly, became the responsibility of all Windrush individuals to prove, they are and have been British Citizens in the UK before 1st January 1973; when the 1971 Immigration Act came into full force.

The key clause of the 1999 Legislation; providing Immigration protection of all Commonwealth Citizens from ever being ‘forcibly’ removed was purposely ‘deleted’ from the 2014 Immigration Act.

The Windrush Children, Adults and General Public of the UK were never consulted or informed by the Government beforehand of the potential harm to their citizenship, this deliberate act would cause.

  • The Home Office under this Conservative Government; now states anyone from the Commonwealth who arrived in the UK before 1973, will more likely be allowed to stay and have a better chance of the entailment for ‘permanent residency.

  • Anyone arriving after 1973 and with the removal of the ‘key clause’ from the 1999 Immigration Legislation will undoubtedly be up for removal from the UK.

Glyn Williams Director General, Border Immigration and Citizenship System at the Home Office, acting Permanent Secretary speaking: Mr Williams explained on 15 May 2018: I did not know when I gave you that evidence on 25 April 2018 as follows:

  • In 2017–18 the senior management team in Immigration Enforcement had set a national target of 12,800 * Nor did I know that they subsequently changed that to a target of 230 to 250 removals a week in October of that year .

  • I did not know they had also dropped that target towards the end of 2017–18

Prepared June 2018 by Hugh Ind, Director General, Home Office’s Immigration Enforcement agency, sent to Amber Rudd and Brandon Lewis, immigration minister, and several Senior Civil Servants also Special Advisers.

  • Amber Rudd resigns after tweeting, achieving 12,800 enforced returns in “2017-18” and boasting that “we have exceeded our target of assisted returns”

FACT: They all knew and we have witnessed the aftermath of their decision; to remove with prejudice and in line with the above, the Windrush Citizens, denied any legal rights, forcibly detained and then deported by the UK Home Office under Sajid Javid (BAME)

Home Secretary Sajid Javid has purposely mislead the general public and the Jamaica Prime Minister by claiming all deportees were all convicted of very serious crimes; like “Rape, Murder, Firearms Offences and Drug-Trafficking” under a hostile environment protocol.

“Feeding on the fears of the Public to diminish and distract them; from giving their support and or expressing their outrage” so far it has worked and is still working.

Let me help you, understand, these dangerous criminals with the support of the official breaking down of the crimes; committed by the deportees:

  • 1 Offender was convicted of Murder

  • 4 Offenders were convicted of various Sexual Offences which included Rape

  • 14 Offenders had been convicted of drugs offences (half of the deportees)

  • 6 Offenders had been convicted of Violent Crimes which included Grievous Bodily Harm and Battery

  • 3 Offenders were convicted of Firearms and Weapon offences, And

  • 1 Offender was convicted for Dangerous Driving

All the above; have “served” their sentences totalling 150 years for 28 men and 1 woman.


Tuesday 5th February 2019

  • Owen Haisely, who has lived in the UK for 41 years and has three young British children; the 45-year-old, was convicted for a domestic abuse incident in 2015 for which he spent a year in jail worked as a well known DJ and Children’s Advocate

  • In the evening, Owen's deportation was halted

It is however possible that the Home Office will still try to deport him and those who remain at Harmondsworth IRC Detention Centre in the short term; quietly.

Wednesday 6th February 2019

  • The plane left Birmingham Airport at 1.43pm

  • The deportees landed and was sent immediately to Harman Barracks, Kingston on arrival for processing into poverty and despair

  • The ‘Titan Airways’ flight was not listed on the arrivals board at Kingston’s Norman Manley Airport, when it arrived in fear of the attention it would provoke
    Thursday 7th February 2019

  • Twenty-nine Jamaican nationals were removed on Wednesday, shackled to their seats, on a flight which was initially expected to hold 50 deportees

  • Chevon Brown, 23, who was placed on the flight after serving a seven-month sentence for a driving offence he worked as a Barber in Oxford

  • Marlon from Birmingham, who had been living in the UK for 20 years, was deported to Jamaica with the shirt on his back and £29 in his pocket.

Desmond Jadoo, the Chair of the Windrush Movement UK, will try to meet as many of the recent deportees, to give any help and advice.

If the Deportees have no relatives to stay with in Jamaica, according to Mr Oswald Dawkins a Jamaican Official in charge of several Housing Charities.

  • The Deportees will be helped by the National Organisation for Deported Migrants (NODM) and other housing charities

The Jamaican high commissioner Seth Ramacon has called for a halt to the deportations from UK of the Windrush British Citizens, until the Home Office has published its investigation into the Windrush scandal

Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness, said he accepted Theresa Mays apology of threatening to deport Windrush British Citizens from the UK; at a meeting; No10 in April 2018 with other Caribbean leaders of the Commonwealth. - 

When the Prime Minister realised he had been duped, subjected to a lie, why was his voice silent, why did he not tell Sajid Javid there would be No Entry into Jamaica for any UK Deportees, they would no longer cooperate with UK charter flights under any circumstance?

Is it because in Jamaica; he has already thrown in the towel having accepted?

  • Foreign aid and keeping it amongst those in Office, instead of helping all Jamaican Citizens fairly?

  • Foreign workers; who come to help rebuild their roads, infrastructure and who have gone into areas overpopulated with poor citizens, tricking them into selling their ancestral property for “pennies”

  • Allowing others to take away Jamaican beaches, stopping Locals by building mega Hotels, keeping it white and for foreign travellers alike

  • No longer encouraging planting of fields, lands or small holdings, once fertile, now left to rot

  • Investing in Importing goods and not Exporting their own ‘produce’ to create Job;, instead Exporting Music and Ratchet Dancing while holding or celebrating ‘Windrush Concerts’ for holiday makers, no longer allowed to leave the safety of their hotels without assigned guides

  • Government not spending on basics like water, gas, electricity outlets, so that all Jamaican Citizens are supplied without being cut off for days, weeks or months

  • Not tackling abuses on Children or Women, leaving it up to everyone else etc etc etc

So why would the Jamaican Prime Minister out of all the Commonwealth Leaders of the Caribbean, not stop the Uk Deportees plane from every landing on Jamaican soil, what has stopped them from rising up, showing some support? There has to be a reason, the Jamaican Prime Minister, his Government and others before have just rolled over for their “bellies to be rubbed” by accepting UK Deportees without checking the validity of their sentences; could it be that:

  • The British Government is secretly paying £20,000 per Windrush Child or Adult; to be accepted without argument as many Jamaicans suspect?

  • Is it Blackmail for the £25 million Super Prison signing that would be completed by 2020; although under Prime Minister Holness, it is said to have been rejected? (It’s still fuzzy, if that cheque was given back to the UK Government or if it has already been spent)? And

  • What Government opens its Airways for UK Deportees to land on the side of the Island, steeped in; corruption, murder and poverty, stretching their resources beyond breaking point. Making deportees “targets” in the belief because they are “English”; they have either landed with money or will be getting a large pay out?

If, I am wrong and you were fooled, explain to all of us in England, especially those deported or still under threat of deportation; why you have not reached out and protected them and why you haven’t started to RETURN ALL DEPORTEES BACK TO UK?


  • On the 2nd March 2019, Owen Haisley was released on bail from the detention centre and will no longer be on the ‘removal list’ bound for Jamaica (in case you missed it)

  • The fate of the ‘other’ deportees who had a reprieve from deportation may still be; being held at the Harmondsworth detention centre, their fate unknown?


5th February 2019 - Liam Neeson New York film premiere CANCELLED at just hours' notice after actor's race. Liam Neeson’s 40 year old admission of being in a revengeful place when young and wanting to find the ‘black bastard’ who raped his female friend; caused the media to go into meltdown, they were joined by Race Relation pundits, Actors, Comedians, Talk Show Hosts, Singers and Politicians even Question Time, Gripping the entire country and by Saturday 9th February 2019 the ‘Taken’ was back on prime time TV and his film ‘Cold Pursuit’ was available to be watched, imagine that. The passion showed here for his comment became the first distraction, pouring cold water, expressing a real lack of support for the real ‘Taken Victims’, the Windrush Generation Deportees. Also: BRIXIT, Paedophile gang given 1M Legal Aid, Man sentenced for the death of 100 year old woman, breakaway MPs create a new group against BREXIT to name a few and then:

20 February 2019 - The fall of ISIS, Shamima Begum wanted to return home to have her child, the Home secretary Sajid Javid, decided to go one step further by revoking Shamima’s ‘British Citizen’ under ‘Public outrage’. This has never happen before, to a British born subject, which came as a surprise to many. Unfortunately, it only shows what powers the Home Office have and will use to prevent an individual from living or returning to UK and Sajid Javid (BAME) already tested this out on the Windrush Deportees without much fuss.

Now everyone understands why they should have been more ‘vocal’; concerning the Jamaican Windrush Generation, who did not have the privilege of being sent a letter, just removed. Is it because it was hyped as a ‘Black thing’ and now it is the Muslim Windrush Generation under threat, whose next, all jailed British Citizens or is this just another distraction?

13th February 2019 - Buried Story Jamaica should follow India recently declined to sign up to; a bilateral agreement with Britain to facilitate or ‘smooth the path’ for the return of its illegal immigrants, following unresolved issues that are still in negotiation.


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