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As a large scale invasion of Ukraine began on Friday 24th February 2022 after days of speculation and disbelief as Russia’s hammer came down with all its might. Leading up to this invasion, Comedian, Actor, President Volodymyr Zelensky. Has emerged as a voice for the Ukrainian people. Who asked and pleaded with NATO for Ukraine to join and be protected under their umbrella as promised and was denied. Only for this small sovereign country, to be left fighting for the glory of Ukraine; “alone” powered by shear grit, determination and resistance. Zelenskys passion to stay and fight, receives continued support and applause from around the world. Unfortunately, applause does not save lives, turn back missiles or tanks as Zelensky said “I need ammunition, not a ride”.

Zelenskys words; have shown world Leaders/Governments. To be toothless, ashamed, fumbling, pulling and scratching out their hair. As they choose, to stroke President Putin’s ego, like a rabid cat with “flea” restrictions and sanctions against Russia’s Oligarchs, Business Community, Banks and assets, proving to be, far too later to make a dent.

February 2014 when Russia invaded and forcibly separated the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine? Burning, International Law, Territorial Integrity safeguards put in place by Russia for Ukraine which included the 1991 Belavezha Accords, establishing the Commonwealth of Independent States. The 1975 Helsinki Accords, 1994 Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances and the 1997 Treaty on Friendship, Cooperation and Partnership between the Russian Federation and Ukraine. This should have put everyone on alert as this push to invade was just the beginning. So could this be a coincidence; that after world condemnation, humiliation and failure to capture Ukraine in 2014. Putin needed to prevent any future interference from at least two, influential world leaders? Since most news outlet, kept telling us. Putin, had had 6 years of planning. So Imagine; there are four main dominate powerful entities which are; America, China, England and Russia. Which countries will be left standing and still be copacetic?

AMERICA: Obama was on his way out by 20th January 2017 and Trump had work to do? Let’s say a business friend of Russia; Donald Trump. He wanted to become president and had already been investigated in January 2016 by Russia’s National Security Council presidential elections as being “mentally unstable” and in Putin’s mind, could help in the destabilizing of America? “Making America Great Again” became a symbol rallying cry and Trump got his wish with Russian voting cyber  interference, helping Trump to win the US elections by 8th November 2016. To maintain this impendium force, Trump placed is own version of “American Oligarchs” into positions of power especially in Congress and the Senate, to block legislation, change and movement of policies. He also hated, removed, controlled and blocked interviews with journalist who questioned his indict, to inform his “fake news”.

Following, Russia’s “Play Book” and to hold on to power while blaming, outsourcing and making the USA dependent on Russian fuel and Oligarchs money. Keeping certain races/cultures down example; build the wall (what happened to that money). Maintaining all Muslims are terrorists, blaming the BLM Movement and removing any obstacles that stood in his way with bullying brute force. A dastardly plan to regain his delusional position, back into the White House manifested itself with an infectious lie. That he did not lose the “2nd term”. Leading to the 6th January 2021 attack on the US Capitol with help from the Far Right Group, the Proud Boys and others like them. Regurgitating and perpetuating the fear of White America on radio, Fox news outlets, talk shows etc. for 4 years like bombs to the mind, spilling out into cities and then removing voter rights in majority Black/poor areas on his way out. A tearing act upon America’s own Declaration of Independents. Trump was able to successfully, tie up the 46th President of America with external and internal problems. Democracy’s destruction a welcome turmoil; Trumps followers joyously still blind and blinkered to Putin’s puppet at work?  (Trump and his Associates have avoided being questioned or arrested to this date).

ENGLAND: Well what can we say about our leader Boris; he took a bit longer to fall into Putin’s plans, it needed patience and a little self-sabotage. Boris became Prime Minister on 23rd July 2019 by default and without a general election. Theresa May pushed out over Brexit and he stepped in. Known for not handling stress much. He was challenged at every step and got it wrong a lot. Covid 19, lockdown restrictions then hit the world, especially England nearly everyone had been directly affected by loss or knew someone who has gone. He bumbled through this too. Cost of living at a high, Wages at a low, Unemployment at a rise, soaring wholesale gas, food, fuel prices at a high. Poverty, Foodbanks increased, National Insurance affecting amount earned. Mainly caused by Boris’s Government with his blessing. 5G broadband stacks, allowed to be erected throughout Britain, even after Boris had been warned they could be adjusted as “listening devices” by China, Russian involvement, ignored. UK like Europe became Dependent on pipeline cheaper gas from Russia too. Rescinding work related immigration visas. This, caused the culling of animals and wasted crops due to a heavily reduced, cheap labour force as Boris and associates did not follow any rules. 2022 updated immigration law, closing England’s boarders tighter, impeding Ukrainian exit to safety as Boris and government refused to understand. This was a “humanitarian evacuation” on a grand scale and visas should be null and void. Who even knew England’s cheap wheat and barley was dependant and imported from Ukraine?

This has shown England to be voiceless, confused, back tracking Government, affected by in fighting and afraid to make a decision, more pressure for Boris and instead of staying home with his sanctions, peace talks, and empty words on Tuesday 1st March 2022. Boris got on a plane and the wrong foot by visiting Poland. Only to be told off by a Ukrainian Journalist; he is no “Churchill”. His oversea diplomacy, came across stuttering and too little too late. Forced to change “Visa policies” again (late) after standing by “no undocumented immigrants here” rule. Will Boris allow, fleeing Ukrainians extended family members into England without checks? Confused, Putin was free, to start his intended attacks on Ukraine; after neutering two major forces, one of them without any help?

CHINA : Putin’s long standing alley is China’s Xi Jinping; has been creating a updated version of the Chinese “Silk Road” by sending out many agents armed with bags of money and sincere interest in helping to develop; roads and infrastructure of poor countries. China; only asks in return of slow repayment; to build and own part of their Ports and Shipping lanes. Now they may need, Russia’s help in the future, to keep Taiwan away from joining NATO and rejoining China, just like Ukraine. Watching the outcome of Putin’s advancement towards Ukraine with his 40 mile strong Russian Military Convey is a must. Will he turn his back on his Friend or help?

Putin needed to create is own Silk Road or Web. So Russia encouraged, persuaded countries; to buy into a safer way of getting cheaper gas or fuel through a pipeline as a cleaner way of importing and exporting need. Oil drilled from the sea at a high and supposed to be running out. Fracking has upset the balance of the land and seep’s into the general water table, making these two options, no longer viable for the environment, Sold. Next move was to set up as many businesses and Banks under Oligarchs rule. Simple Western greed, would stop any, clear head from listening or seeing warning signs. Allowing Russia to infiltrate the infrastructure of any country, which in turn affected the Stock Market. Rare mineral rights for daily Western technology would stay, under Russian control. Making many business allies in backing Putin’s move towards “protecting” Ukraine from the prying eyes of NATO and curtailing them back under Russian control; would be good for business, if the “War” escalated into a world event? The Russian people and soldiers out of fear have to believe in Putin’s truth, to quell the “Nazi” threat by liberating Ukraine. Unfortunately, it’s a common fact, most under 40s has no clue. That before Western inclusion. Russia under Communism and a separating wall to the West. Starved, crushed by sanctions, the poor queued round the block for limited stale meat and bread in freezing conditions as the Ruble plummeted and everything was hard, expensive, cut off from the outside world. Disloyalty or freedom of speech to challenge, was met with extreme cruelty and Putin wants the Russian people to go back to those times?

1990 to 1991, the United Soviet Social Republic (USSR) of Russia fell. Splitting and making new individual countries like; Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Ukraine. Ukraine held then the world’s 3rd largest nuclear arsenal. To be allowed into or under NATO protection in the future; they were advised by America and others; to hand Russia all their nuclear weapons for destruction, which Russia was happy to keep instead. 2014 Viktor Yanukovych; was finally ousted by the Ukrainian people. Total control of President and gas pipeline had been removed, could this have been the catalyst, the breaking point or excuse?

Putin spent 6 years (unchecked) planning, creating his dream, hoarding billions. Warning Ambassadors, Business Associates, Banks, Generals, and Oligarchs. He is fed up being told what he can and cannot do with breakaway countries like Ukraine. The Far Right has his back, just like the previous American President, sound familiar. In Putin’s demented mind USSR; should have stayed like North Korea and could, it be “NKs” excuse to join in?

Putin’s diabolical plan, to send tanks and take hostages of first the Chernobyl Nuclear (damaged) Reactor; disturbing, this sleeping giant. Then to bomb Zaporizhzhia the largest European Nuclear Power Plant. It finally Shows Putin’s desire and grand plan; to go after the remaining 13? After all, to capture and threaten 15 Nuclear Power Plants. It will give him ultimate unlimited power and defence against the world and our future. Let us not forget, he has old and lethal Nuclear weapons at his disposal, naively handed to him in 1984 too. It seems, someone was not checking, what Putin had in his cupboard or up his sleeves.

The world has been warned; to back off or else. He will use as many “dirty bombs” and Nuclear devises on key Ukrainian countries affecting its boarders. Which in the past few days, he has done with vengeance. Showing us, Ukrainian loss of life; means nothing to winning by land, air or sea. We also know, when Putin’s cornered, lethal gases have been released, if he see those who continue to resist as vermin. So will this happen to Ukrainian hospitals, buildings, undergrounds and populated civilian areas as the War prolongs?

Russia has always known, it would need to show strength and power, one day and 2022 is now prime time. Russian news outlets were one of the first to be closed and controlled to spread misinformation, fake news. Arresting protesters including children and the elderly and making his citizens disappear into Gulag prisons will keep them safe. TV organizations having walked off air, unable to report or mention “Russia’s War” and to top it all, they have cut off social media from the Russian youth; this generation could cause psychological withdrawal problems for Putin?

This “method of madness”, should be a real and direct threat to everyone. As Putin successfully, keep world leaders; held in a vice of regret. Holding all the cards and his teeth are sharping on the thought of victory. The Western world is stuck, hands clamped, balls in a wringer, their voices falling on death Russian ears. Riddled with infighting and domestic issues on their own doorstep. Leaving desperate UK MPs and EU like them, giving ordinary citizens; the green light, to help and defend Ukraine; bypassing NATO rules and laws of engagement. Where is the help at Ukraine’s “darkest hours”? Sitting, talking the talk, to harbingers of death, Ambassadors, being distracted from the inevitable.

Ukrainians have been standing in front of tanks, talking to Russian troops to turn back, arguing with Gunships, doing anything they can as Putin uses his sickle of might to slice an obliterating path towards NATO protected countries. Disregarding the cries of many to stop, neighbouring Russian held countries affected by Putin’s actions, WAKE UP, you could be next. Fact: NATO and friends reneged on their promise to Ukraine. NATO has no choice, they cannot order a “no fly zone” over and around Ukraine as this will be seen as interference by NATO breaking their own rules when Russia has not crossed their zones, strategic yes.

Just like “Star Treks Federation”, if they have not joined, they cannot interfere, only observe the destruction. Hoping for the best through negotiation while expecting the worse and Putin knows this tap-dance well. The first time a Western country; was brutally forced into a war by the East was on 7th December 1941 and the West’s reaction was direct, horrific and still felt today. Question, who will bring the war to Russia, who will respond first?

Everyone this is not a joke, hoax or will just go away. Putin is on a mission, blinded by power and the past, he has sprung his traps. This threat is the closet we have come since the “Bay of Pigs” for real.
Poland and other Western boarders; “Ukrainian Lives Matter” there is no question. So how have pets, been given a higher status over people of Colour, students, citizens seeking safety; to board trains first away from the fighting? Racist behaviour should not be taking centre stage for those fleeing to NATO neighbours, unfortunately this comes as no surprise, which is such a shame. Just remember, while our World Leaders; continue hesitating to stop rabid Vlad. Be assured, a directed cluster, nuclear bomb or nuclear power plant eruption; will have no protective preferences to any “allegiance to hate”.

If cities continue to be destroyed and this War is not stopped. We are all doomed; to ash, fallout and Putin’s new order for World War lll.

The WORLD WATCHES with bated breath, to see what happens next.

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