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1. Who is Emshey aka Emma Speare and where are you from?

"Well Emshey is my name, I’m a singer songwriter/actress born in Liverpool. I am of mixed race origin with grandparents hailing from Jamaica, Sierra Leone, Chile, Italy and Ireland."

2. We've seen images of you and Ceelo Green floating on the web to which you stated you’re getting taken down. We also heard that you were once the long-time girlfriend of the legendary Ceelo Green, how is it that you didn’t have a musical career when you were with him and why did you split?

"Cee lo and I met when I was young, I dated him for a while, he was kind and loving, But he had a wondering eye and I was never going to settle for second best so we called it off."

3. We also saw that you had hit the headline again in the Sun Newspaper and Chat Magazine where you were involved in 'turbulent' relationship with a man worked at an airport who had a fiancé and somehow tricked you into a relationship buying you diamond rings and all sorts. Could you elaborate on this story and how this came to an end?

"Yes, well as you can gather I've had my fair share of heartbreak unfortunately. I dated an older gentleman who was so generous and sweet, what I didn’t know is he had a side chick and she was also wearing a diamond ring he had bought her. I broke up with him immediately as I was devastated. We later got back together after he split with her, he invested allot into me before we went our separate ways."

4. How old were you when you first realised that music was something you wanted to pursue and who taught you how to sing?

"I was about 8 years old when I realised music was my destiny. I found so much joy in singing for others, I would go to the local retirement homes and sing for the residents and at Christmas time I would go Carol singing and make a small fortune. It was just something that came natural to me."

5. How did you get signed to Cougar and Sony?

"I began speaking to my manager Mark about my career in music and he agreed to help me to release my album and the rest is history..."

6. We heard that you appeared in Love & Hip Hop Miami, USA can you tell us about that?

"Yes well while I was in Miami I was invited onto the set of the show and I met some great people. I then was invited back a second time and I got to meet Trina and trick daddy while filming. Right place right time I guess."

7. We also heard that you are also an actress and due to appear in a new future movie, can you tell us a bit about the role you play in this movie?

"Yes I play a journalist who discovers children going missing in the local area were taken by a serial killer she tracked him down and the rest would be a spoiler but make sure you check it out it’s called The Hill!"

8. How do you keep yourself looking so model like and trim?

"Ha-ha, Model like and trim I think not! I’m not perfect my body is a work in progress but I like to believe that healthy eating daily exercise and mindfulness and meditation all help when it comes to being a happy healthy person."

9. You have been affiliated with many other celebs musically, Stylo G, Squeeks, Goldie 1, Funk Division, Blak Prophetz, What and when will your first single be heard and what can you tell us about it?

"Yes Stylo G is one of my oldest and Dearest friends in the music industry he has helped me with so many projects and I’m always in awe of Stylo G’s work ethic and hunger for success he taught me allot. We dated for a while but it was clear we were better as friends. Squeeks was a friend of my ex manager C1 of Northstar he approached me with a track and asked me to sing on the hook. So I went ahead and did that and the song is called stage show. I’ve also worked with Jammer from BBK and Goldie 1, the Funk Divisions, Black Prophetz so yeah I’ve got a lot of stuff I’ve already worked on and a lot of stuff in the pipeline so I’m excited about the future and releasing more music very soon."

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